CogSci 2010

CogSci 2010 was held in Portland, Oregon.  There were many good talks (including some by me)  I co-hosted a symposium (with Bob Rehder, Aaron Hoffman,and alum Marcus Watson) on the usefulness of eyetracking for studing the interplay between learning and attention. The symposium was well attended and we got lots of interesting questions and had many good discussions. I also met Jim Corter for the first time, which was nice because his work is cool.

Next year hopefully we’ll have more people from the lab attend (fingers crossed for a bigger NSERC this time).

I was nervous before my talks, and flush with relief afterwords so I have no pictures of them.  I totally understand why famous people have photographers. Below are some of the few photos I took.

Blurry picture of a poster, to prove I went to the poster session.

Blurry sketch of the pool, to prove I went to the pool.

Though I’ll readily admit that my perspective could use some work, I’d like to state for the record that the pool was a weird shape.


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