SC2: SFU high-ground advantage too much for UBC

Last night in metro Vancouver the first inter-lab Cognitive Science StarCraft 2 challenge was held. The UBC Vision lab faced off against the SFU Cognitive Science Lab in a series of dramatic matches. At the end of the night, SFU emerged victorious, scoring 4 wins and 1 loss. Several disconnects aside, the games were fierce and competitive. SFU’s A-team started off the night with a convincing win with LittleGrouse/Lotion’s 2v2 Pheonix-Zelot-Sentry build. SFU’s B-team however were not as successful: UBC’s SovietParty produced an extraordinary number of stalkers and lead team Vision to victory. After that, SFU fielded a mix of A and B teams, each of which was successful at annihilating their opponents. Motherships, mass Thors, dancing Ultras and defensive nukes were part of strategies that were sometimes wise, sometimes foolish, but always thrilling to watch.

The Cognitive Science Lab is open to challenges from other lab teams. Contact us here.

SFU Players

LittleGrouse, Lotion, Macavity, CrushDog, Flyger, Ryker

UBC Players

SovietParty, targn, Enkidum

Bill (LittleGrouse) and Aaron (Macavity) massing Ultras

Gordon(Lotion) helping Jozef(Ryker) log in

Jozef, still having trouble.

Gordon’s pimped out gaming box, which gives you a tan as you play so that it doesn’t look like you sit in front of your computer all day.


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