Joe-Down ends in upset!

Jozef P managed to pull of a win against Joe T on Friday in a game of pure, artless, chance.

The Starcraft match was arranged upon Joe T’s realization that news was needed for the blog-post.  In an attempt to manufacture some, he boldly challenged Jozef P to what at least one person has called “the most unpredictable game on earth.”  While Joe T was very crafty, as can be seen above in his extremely clever roach-ambush, Starcraft fails to reward such brilliance.   When asked whether he was beaten by superior strategy, Joe T replied as follows:

“Our education system has failed young people today.  One must not assume that my loss was manufactured by some grand plan to drop marauders into the back of my base. Evolutionary theory teaches us that complex outcomes can be the result of unintelligent natural processes.  Where some point to teleology, I point to a lack of roaches.”

Jozef, who (as far as this author knows) may have unscrupulous political leanings, seemed to agree with this analysis.

“You can’t win if you leave two thousand minerals in the bank.  You need to spend your money!”

Something similar was suggested by Gordon, who was watching over the game as an observer.

After the extremely close game, Joe T, Gordon, and Jozef teamed up in a placement match.  Joe T explained that the win was due to the team’s hit-and-run strategy.  “Our win has nothing to do with incidental factors, such as the premature retreat of our opponents who, at one point, outnumbered us ten to one” (Joe T, see image).