Happy Halloween from the CogsLab!

before the carnage

Last night’s cogslab carving party was a success! (Personally, I measure success in how long it takes our social gatherings to degenerate into starcraft parties, but it was a success by other metrics as well.)

Here’s the gruesome evidence:

pumpkin carving is serious business

Aaron assembles the pieces of Frosty the Pumpkin

Bill's pumpkin puked into the sink

the siege tank is almost ready

Jozef puts the finishing touches on Phineas Pumpkin

Jordan prepares his reddit post

the iPad really is good for everything

And.. the results!

muta-kin and ultra-kin


Pumpkineas Gage

me pumpgusta

seige tanpkin

papa calen's pumpkin pi


frosty the pumpkin

embodied cogpunkin

If I were a pumpkin judge I would award Aaron the best pumpkin award.

Join us next year for another round of creatively stabbing steak knives into vegetables. Happy Halloween!