Hi there, I’m James MacGregor and I’m new here. I’d like to thank the SFU Cognitive Science Lab for having me on board! It’s been an exciting time so far — in the three weeks I’ve been coming in, I have already learned how to run subjects in the eye tracking lab; I have been reading/proofing a number of new research papers that are up for submission (check here soon for these, I think); I have been messing around with some data and SQL to check a script’s output; and I’m also doing some background/reference reading for another ongoing project on reinforcement learning. This is great, because my number one reason for joining the lab was so that I could learn first-hand how research in the field is carried out. I have a feeling that that’ll be happening a ton over the next little while, and that I’ll be contributing where I can.

And speaking of contributions! Thanks to my longstanding 2-pots a day coffee habit (I’m now down to .5-pot/day and feel fine, FINE), I am in a unique position to shed some light on a mystery that has been plaguing the lab since roughly July 22, 2010: the word you are looking for, ladies and gentlemen, is carafe.