Our Picnic - Shared with our friends, the ants.

For anyone outside of Vancouver, it’s hard to imagine that summer doesn’t really show up until July, usually. It’s true though, and so this past weekend was our first real summer weather.  Most of the summer crew went down to Barnett Marine Park for some sun and a break from all the projects we’ve been working on. We took out the BBQ and roasted up some prawns and veggies and sausages. Jordan tried to entice us to eat some meat that an old roommate had left in the freezer when he moved out.  It wasn’t clear what kind of meat it was, or how long it had been frozen.  Can you be smart enough to get your PhD, but stupid enough to eat something like that? Not, likely.  S’mores for dessert, and pie. Mmmm, pie.  After food we played card games and badminton; although I’m not sure what Gordon did could really be called badminton. More like a unidirectional seizure. Anyway,  I did a sketch of our food.  Mostly by this time it was covered in ants, though I didn’t draw them, obviously. Beyond that log is the beach and the water, and beyond the inlet some trees, and beyond that some mountains. Beyond the mountains is the arctic circle. That’s pretty far north, though.

Notice, it's a McColeman cooler. Nothing but the best for the CSL.