Betty Leung

At Deer Lake Park

Hello.  Nice to meet you! ^^

I’m a second year Linguistics Major at SFU. I love anything and everything about lanugages. I came from Hong Kong, so I’m bilingual.  Some of my favorite topics in Linguistics is language acquisition, and its opposite: how we lose our language skills.

I joined the Cognitive Science Lab to learn more about what cognitive science is about. Since then, I picked up supercool Matlab skills and also became a Starcraft player. I have fun designing the Skillcraft project graphics and the lab logo as well.

Currently, I am assisting Professor Chung-Hye Han from the Linguistics Department, using eye-tracking to study the properties of the Korean reflexive pronoun caki.

Other Interests:

Learning languages (Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin…), choir!, digital media and art.