James MacGregor

Hi, there. My name is James MacGregor. I’m from Nova Scotia originally, but I like this coast too. I work for the Public Knowledge Project as my day job, where I’m a jack of all trades (researcher, quasi-developer, supporter, talk-giver, enabler). I first heard about SFU’s CogSci program from a PKP developer who took it a few years ago. There are some interesting overlaps between the Cogs academic field and the library/development world — you sort of have to be a jack-of-all-trades in the CogSci program, and in the lab to boot.

My academic interests at this point include learning in general, and more specifically motor learning, especially as it relates to sport. I’m also interested in web crawlers and search engines; the so-called semantic web, and how this may (or may not) represent knowledge in machine-understandable ways; and general machine-aided interactions with large data. I’ll also profess to a grudging interest in the world of bibliometrics, and I’m fascinated lately by how the scholarly world attempts to automate scholarly quality assessment against a huge and growing research corpus.

Non academic interests include swimming, biking, and running (often together); reading; playing guitar; cooking; and occasionally testing the effect of alcohol on motor learning, although I’ve learned that experiments with bikes and alcohol probably won’t pass an ethics board.