The Cognitive Science Lab is a training lab, as well as a research lab.

Every member of the lab plays an active role in our research. We work together to design, program, run, analyze and write up our experiments. This environment provides endless opportunities to learn new things and develop new skills.

The research in the Cognitive Science Lab is focused primarily on understanding how people allocate attention effectively to the most relevant sources of information in their environment. We are interested in both basic theoretical questions and how theory relates to real life situations such as expert video game playing.

The research team in the Cognitive Science Lab typically has about 15 students; both graduate students and undergraduates from a variety of majors (Psychology, Philosophy, Computing Science, Linguistics, Health Sciences & Cognitive Science). Team members collaborate on all aspects of the research programme, and no line is drawn between graduate students and undergraduates. This structure gives students the opportunity to design experiments, analyse data, interpret results, write manuscripts and deal with reviewers and revisions; they end up with a much deeper understanding of the research process, and often find that they get more out of their regular classes. Students build their research resume by presenting at conferences, co-authoring peer-reviewed papers and applying for funding, all of which can open up new career opportunities. Students from the lab have gone on to Master’s and Doctorate programs in Psychology, to law school, to medical school, and to successful jobs in industry.

Joining the lab gives you a supportive, intellectual atmosphere to engage with like-minded peers. The team doesn’t just work, though, we’re a social bunch, and we regularly get together for Beach BBQs, Movie Nights, StarCraft Marathons, and the annual Halloween pumpkin carving.

There is a lot of opportunity for interested students to become involved with research and help out. If you are interested, please fill out an application form.