Participating in experiments

Have you have signed up to participate in an experiment run by the Cognitive Science Lab or Experimental Syntax Lab as a paid participant or through the Research Participation System at SFU?

Most of our experiments are conducted with an eye-tracker, which can record gaze movements from people wearing glasses and contacts. However, it can occasionally be affected by thick-lensed glasses. If you have corrected vision and own both contacts and glasses, we would prefer for you to wear your contacts. If possible, please avoid wearing heavy eye-makeup to your appointment.

If you are not signed up, but are still interested in participating in a Cognitive Science Lab research project, please sign up for one of our studies through the RPS research participation system, which can be found here.


The lab’s participant running rooms are located in RCB 7405, in the general area at the top of the wheelchair ramp in RCB. From the AQ, the lab can be accessed by walking into the RCB through the doors under the Images Theatre, and heading east (turn right) to the very end of the hallway.

Map to RCB 7405