Imperfect Feedback

This project is an investigation of how learners cope with feedback that is not perfect.

"My what a classy suit you're wearing today Mr. Cherry"

"My what a classy suit you're wearing today Mr. Cherry"

To investigate the issues surrounding inconsistent feedback, our team is exploring a category learning paradigm that manipulates the reliability of feedback in order to see what effect that will have on attention and accuracy. This kind of work could have a number of practical applications. For starters, the world rarely ever gives people consistent feedback.  Often when we learn about something in a natural setting it gets confounded with things that may co-occur; either accidentally or from an unknown regularity.

Consider learning a language.  In the real world, people have a variety of accents and  meanings that they assign to different utterances and this can create a confusing situation for learners. How do people sort these problems out? How, as a necessarily imperfect teacher, can an educator help their students see past these imperfections?

The answers are not always clear to these questions so we hope to find some underlying cognitive associations that may help people in these imperfect learning circumstances.