SkillCraft: Survey & Replay Analysis

Focusing attention to important information allows for effective learning, decision-making and group cooperation and coordination and is a key component of expertise in virtually every field. The SkillCraft project studies the allocation of attention in real time strategy games (RTS). RTS games are fast-paced resource management games involving rapid decisions about in-game threats.

What makes StarCraft 2 ideal to study is the fact that all in-game actions are recorded in a “replay” file. These replay files are readily available for players of every possible level of experience, from novices playing their first game, to full-time professional RTS players with thousands of hours of experience. This overcomes the most difficult obstacle in research on attention and expertise: the difficulty of obtaining enough data from a wide variety of performers, from novice to experts.

Using the replay files we will be able to analyze participant’s attentional allocation in various contexts of the game across levels of expertise. This study will create opportunities for follow-up research on how these basic mechanisms of attention are used in the communication and coordination of groups, as well as lay the groundwork for researchers in many fields interested in expertise.

The following survey consists of 3 pages of questions, that will take about 10 minutes to complete. Your anonymity will be ensured and no private information will be collected, and no mention of user name will ever be released.


We are gathering recent 1v1 ladder replays of a Quick Match game, regardless whether you won or not. Please make sure to have a fairly recent ladder match from one of the following maps:

Scrap Station – Xel’Naga Caverns – Backwater Gulch – Delta Quadrant – Metalopolis – Shakuras Plateau – Slag Pits – Tal’darim Alter LE – The Shattered Temple – Typhoon Peaks

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