The Team

Mark Blair

Associate Professor of Cognitive Science.
Mark Blair is Associate Professor in the Psychology Department and the Cognitive Science Program. His broad interest is in attention and learning, and he uses computational, experimental and big data approaches to study these processes in a variety of laboratory and non-laboratory tasks. In his spare time he enjoys sketching, and playing Dota 2 (and StarCraft 2). He also loves movies!

 Jordan Barnes

Heya. I’ve been an RA in the SFU Cogs Lab for the better part of a decade. I’m currently a PhD student and my interests revolve around computational cognitive modeling and embodied cognition. Visit my lab page if you’d like to know more.

Scott Harrison

BA Cognitive Science. Scott is a cognitive science major. Apart from his major he is interested in other areas like biology, anthropology, and computer science. In his free time he enjoys playing video games, listening to music, reading, and watching movies.

Caitlyn McColeman

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Caitlyn’s primary research interest is the influence of learning on lower level eye movements. She studies the relationship between perception and decision making, specifically in the context of categorization and data visualization. For information regarding Caitlyn’s publications, please refer to her Google Scholar or Research Gate page.



Joe Thompson

goe2Joe Thompson ( is a PhD student in Psychology at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia. His primary empirical interests are in adolescent and young adult skill development and maintenance. The work employs detailed records of Real Time Strategy video game play, allowing for large samples of natural performance from a variety of ages. At a more theoretical level, Joe takes his work to elucidate the complexity of developmental processes more generally. This attitude motivates Joe’s interest in new methodologies that allow for a clearer picture of how natural forms of cognition develop.




Ruth Jen

Fourth year, Psychology major and double minor in Biology and Health Sciences. Ruth is working towards a career that combines Psychology and health care at the Vancouver General Hospital. In her free time, Ruth likes to rock-climb and jam with her friends and occasionally do small gigs.


Raj Hayre

Raj has a BSc in Health Sciences and is currently working on his second bachelors degree in Psychology. His interests include social and abnormal psychology and he hopes to learn more about attention through volunteering at the Cognitive Science Lab. In his free time, Raj likes to stay active by going to the gym and playing sports. Additionally, he likes to read books, listen to music and spend time with family and friends.


David McIntyre

David Mc. Lab Portrait
David McIntyre is a fourth-year Psychology undergraduate with a minor in Philosophy. His most recent research interests include the biological effects of speech and language on the human brain, and the relationships between training and aging on brain development or deterioration. He has previously been involved in Attention and Memory research with Eye-tracker and EEG equipment, and he enjoys working with participants as well as labmates. In his spare time he reads fantasy or sci-fi novels and plays his guitar.

Robin Barrett

20151027_175003Robin is a fourth-year Undergraduate Psychology Major, quickly approaching the completion of his Bachelor’s Degree. His passion for psychology stems from his fascination with the way in which humans perceive and interpret the world around them. In particular, he has a keen interest in the application of psychological principles to the design of video games to enhance the user-experience by making games that are more immersive, and more fun. Outside of university, Robin engages in the things he loves: playing music (He is proficient in various instruments, though mainly guitar), practicing Kung Fu, reading comic books, socializing, and of course, playing through his long “to-do” video games.


Cal Woodruff

Cal Woodruff is a Computing Science student at SFU with a focus on data mining and distributed computing. Among many other things, he is interested in human cognition from an archaeological and evolutionary perspective.


Adam Bignell

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.30.15 AM
Adam is a first-year Computing Science student minoring in Cognitive Science. His primary motivation is to find ways of computationally modelling the abstract thought of humans. He has made something of a hobby out of maths, but is also an avid reader of literature, and hopes to bridge the gaps between logic and the arts throughout his career. Adam also has a diploma in Music Production and enjoys composing and producing music.


Neda Anvari

Neda Anvari is in her final year of undergraduate studies, majoring in linguistics and minoring in psychology. She hopes to pursue a career in computational linguistics. Languages, backgammon, and travelling are amongst her top three passions. Neda also enjoys volunteering and does so as an EAL peer and junior youth group animator.

  Ruilin Zhang



Ruilin is a second-year Undergraduate Criminology major student. He is interested in distributed cognition, artificial intelligence, and especially the development of technology that affects human perceptual learning over time. He is willing to learn more about computational analysis in cognitive research in CSL. In his spare time he enjoys reading, playing video games such as Dota 2, listening to music and jogging.



Yue Chen

Fourth-year cognitive science student. A very optimistic person. Yue was born and raised in Beijing and speaks Mandarin as her first language. She is open-minded in doing all cognitive psychological studies. Recently, She is interested in studies related to decision-making. She discovered that volunteering in the Cognitive Science Lab is an efficient way of learning since she gets to practice on some real research problems. In her spare time, she loves to watch television shows and explore good food in Metro-Vancouver.



         Judi Azmand

Judi is in her final year pursuing a major in psychology and minor in cognitive science. Her interests revolve around language, culture, cognition, and technology which she hopes she can incorporate together in an interdisciplinary field for her future career. She somehow can’t escape video games as she reviews them for a local website, uses them for research at this very lab, and still manages to unwind over them for self-enjoyment. Nonetheless, she ultimately hopes to travel to as many places as time and her wallet will allow her to.



         Kat Dolguikh

Kat is in her third year of undergraduate studies pursuing a cognitive science major with a criminology minor. Her long-term interests are empathy and emotion and their relation to psychopathy and criminality. She is excited to learn more about data analysis, expertise, and attention in the lab. When she isn’t busy debugging code or playing volleyball, you can find her studying in Starbucks or rewatching Lost on Netflix.



                     Nathan Hutchinson

Nathan is an undergraduate student at SFU pursuing a major in cognitive science. He believes that the mind and consciousness are the most fascinating things yet to understand and aims to tackle the mysteries head on with a graduate degree in either cognitive science or neuroscience. He’s also pursuing a major in philosophy at SFU, and hopes to one day be at the front of the mind/consciousness debates. Outside of school and the cognitive science lab, Nathan likes to explore great beers and write speeches. He looks forward to seeing you in the lab!





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